Patented Sensor Technology

Working in the toughest of environments

Regardless of inclement weather, nearby metal or other common sources of interference, Near Field Magnetics’ patented technology uses low frequency magnetic fields to communicate in RF hostile environments.

Safe, effortless entry

Near Field Magnetics’ facility access control system will provide safe, secure, and easy hands-free access to buildings with the same Personal Access Key (PAK) used to enter multiple locations of a facility.

Trade Show Tracking

Trade Show Attendee Tracking

Hands-free system using our patent pending technology that tells exhibitors who was looking at their exhibits. Set-up is easy and data can be provided in real-time, allowing exhibitors to follow-up with interested parties during the show.

Adjustable Signal Range

Adjustable range allowing a single Personal Access Key (PAK) to be used at multiple entrance types.

Magnetic Field Access Control Diagram

Low Power Signals

Uses safe power levels that are equal to the earths magnetic field.

Operating in RF Hostile Environments

NFMI’s wireless sensors have the distinct advantage of operating in RF hostile environments that are not addressable by RFID, GPS, mobile apps and other RF based wireless technologies.

Magnetic Field Sensor Technology
Access Control System Secure Technology

Encrypted Communication

Secure communication eliminates the possibility of covert intercept and exploitation.