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solve their biggest sensing challenges

NFMI is the only wireless sensor company that allows hands-free sensing and tracking of people, assets and processes in RF hostile environments allowing businesses to achieve significant cost reductions, additional revenue streams and tremendous process efficiency gains.

Hands-Free Access
Control System

  • A single Personal Access Key (PAK), hands-free system for all gates and doors
  • Direction sensing technology
  • Increases traffic flow at peak hours
  • Remotely administer and control authorized tags
  • Restricts access to areas while allowing easy access to authorized personnel
  • Interfaces easily with all standard security system protocols allowing integration with existing systems
  • Tracks and records entrance activity
  • Secure signaling eliminates the possibility of covert intercept and exploitation
  • Makes handicapped entrances truly accessible
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Access Control Gate

People, inventory or
process tracking

  • Hands-free tracking
  • Does not require line-of-sight
  • Operates through and around metals, liquids and other RF hostile materials.
  • Immune to high frequency electronic noise
  • Provides real-time data
  • Data can be directly imported to systems or private databases
  • Data can be transferred via WiFi, cellphone networks or Ethernet. It is also stored at the reader until transfer has been confirmed to ensure no lost data
  • Tunable range adjustment
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  • A complete inventory, by rack, of the data center’s assets. The inventory runs electronically at the push of a button or can be scheduled at user defined intervals, once an hour, once a day, etc.
  • A specific asset can be located by asset number. Enter the asset number into ESPY’s  “Locate Me” screen and ESPY will search and tell the operator in which of the thousands of racks the desired asset is located.
  • A specific rack can be inventoried to ensure that maintenance was completed.
  • Changes that occur between inventories are flagged so that operators can see what has changed since the last inventory and confirm that it should have changed.
  • Assets at co-located facilities can be monitored in real time allowing you to know that your assets are safe.
  • The ability to track assets as they move from location to location in the facility.
  • Asset tags are passive, requiring no maintenance.
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