A Hardware & Software Information System

NFMI’s ESPYTM Locater System is a complete hardware and software system that locates data center assets in real-time to improve up-time and increase utilization, tighten security, and reduce costs associated with missing or lost equipment.

NFMI’s ESPY consists of antennas on the inside of each rack door, electronic tags on each asset, and proprietary tracking software. The antennas are connected through a multiplexed network to tag readers that allow assets to be quickly located.  The readers automatically send location information by asset at user defined intervals or on-demand to ESPY’s database where the data is stored and easily accessible to operators.

Each electronic asset tag is programmed with a permanent asset number and has the asset number barcoded and printed in human readable form on the outside of the tag. These tags require no maintenance such as changing batteries. The small tags sit on cards that allow them to be placed away from the asset’s cooling holes to ensure proper airflow.  NFMI also offers ‘ruggedized’ tags for hazardous environments.

ESPY allows the user to quickly locate specific assets, take inventories, and verify service was correctly performed. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you improve your Data Center Infrastructure Management.


Hardware, Software, Databases, Analytics and Reports

With NFMI’s ESPY, service tech’s can easily locate the correct system and walk directly to the appropriate rack.

Easily confirm asset replacement in a rack was correctly done with the expected asset per the service ticket.

Sarbanes Oxley requires an audit of all inventory. With ESPY, the current, up-to-date inventory database allows for the quick resolution of any inventory issues.

Capacity management requires an understanding of what is in each rack so space, power, cooling and network can be intelligently planned.


  • A complete inventory, by rack, of the data center’s assets. The inventory runs electronically at the push of a button or can be scheduled at user defined intervals, once an hour, once a day, etc.
  • A specific asset can be located by asset number. Enter the asset number into ESPY’s  “Locate Me” screen and ESPY will search and tell the operator in which of the thousands of racks the desired asset is located.
  • A specific rack can be inventoried to ensure that maintenance was completed.
  • Changes that occur between inventories are flagged so that operators can see what has changed since the last inventory and confirm that it should have changed.
  • Assets at co-located facilities can be monitored in real time allowing you to know that your assets are safe.
  • The ability to track assets as they move from location to location in the facility.
  • Asset tags are passive, requiring no maintenance.

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