Sensing the world

Where others fail

About Us

Near Field Magnetics, Inc. has developed patented sensor technology that collects detailed data in RF hostile environments and communicates it to the Internet of Things (IoT). Our technology spans many data collection, tracking, and physical access control niches in the IoT2B marketplace.

Our Mission

Near Field Magnetics, Inc., sensing the world to improve people’s lives.

Every company is different,
which is why we strive to find the right solution for you

Data Collection

Hands-free data collection system that enhances trade show exhibitor ROI by providing detailed data that can be analyzed in many ways.


Track the location of equipment, inventory or processes in real-time, in environments where sensors are behind metal, in liquids or challenged by electromagnetic interference.

Physical Access Control

Unify and simplify facility access for users, facility managers and installers by providing a single hands-free Personal Access Key (PAK) that allows access to any type of entrance.

Meet the Executive Team

Dave McManus


Dave McManus serves as the CEO and has extensive experience in operations management and product development. He served as the Vice President of Operations at Labsphere, Inc. and as the Vice President of Operations and Director of Hardware Engineering while at SeaChange International. Dave holds a BSEE and an MSEE from Northeastern University and an MS in Management from MIT’s Sloan School of Management.

Ronald Ham

Vice President of Engineering

Ron Ham founded NFMI and serves as the Vice President of Engineering and is a member of NFMI’s Board of Directors. He served as the Vice President of Engineering at SeaChange International for the ad insertion product line. He has been associated with various leading edge technology startups such as InterBase – a relational database provider (sold to Borland International), CCSTechnology – a semiconductor fab testing system company (sold to Brooks Automation) and PharmasMarket – an internet pharmaceutical logistics company (sold to UPS). Ron holds a BS in Mathematics from Villanova University.

Sheryl Tessier

Vice President of Customer Service

Sheryl Tessier is a co-founder of Near Field Magnetics, Inc. and serves as the company’s Vice President of Customer Service. She led the service division of a computer service and rental company early in her career. She developed the training programs for SeaChange International’s products and provided training to customers worldwide on SeaChange’s complex video systems. Sheryl also managed the technical marketing team at SeaChange. In this role she deployed and debugged demo systems and managed all trade shows for the company.