Hands-Free Trade Show Attendee

Data Collection System

The Smart Show Pro is an easy to set-up, hands-free data collection system that enhances trade show exhibitor ROI by providing detailed data that can be analyzed in many ways. Each attendee carries a uniquely numbered tag that is read by readers placed at each exhibit within an exhibitor’s booth. The readers can be placed out of sight so that they don’t mar the appearance of the exquisite booths that many exhibitors have.

The range of each reader is tunable to allow exhibitors to decide how far away from an exhibit an attendee should be before data is collected. The Smart Show Pro also allows booth managers to see how effectively booth personnel are interacting with attendees. Marketing groups can also extract many other compelling pieces of market information from the data collected by the Smart Show Pro to keep you ahead of your competitors.

Real-Time Attendee Identification

Ever wonder who is studying one of your booth’s exhibits? NFMI’s patent pending Smart Show Pro allows you to see who is in your booth, at each exhibit, in real-time! The Smart Show Pro’s unique ability to sense multiple badges simultaneously, allows exhibitors to monitor who is in their booth, what exhibit they are viewing, and how long they have been there. Imagine the huge impact your sales team will have with the information provided by the Smart Show Pro prior to approaching a prospect in your booth!

Attendee Flow

Understanding who is in your booth is just one aspect of the data generated by the Smart Show Pro. The detailed data can be used to help understand attendee flow through your booth, the demographics of all booth visitors, whether or not potential competitors visited your booth and which exhibits were of interest to them, and the number of visitors from specific companies. Increase sales by using Smart Show Pro to help you quickly identify better leads for faster closing!


Hands-free system using our patented technology that tells exhibitors who was looking at their exhibits. Set-up is easy and data can be provided in real-time, allowing exhibitors to follow-up with interested parties during the show.

Outperforming Cell Based and
RFID Trade Show Systems

  • No mobile apps required
  • No large, high mounted antennas required
  • Allows reader fields to overlap without interference
  • Ability to see people standing behind others
  • No multi-path interference or signal absorption
  • Tunable range adjustment