A Unified Hands-Free

Access Control System

Near Field Magnetics, Inc. (NFMI) will unify and simplify facility access for users, facility managers and installers by providing a single hands-free Personal Access Key (PAK) that allows access to any type and any number of entrances.

NFMI’s access control product consists of a single uniquely coded, low-cost, hands-free PAK for each end-user, a reader for each controlled entrance, and control and reporting software that allows integration with control panels using standard industry protocols.

Regardless of inclement weather, nearby metal or other common sources of

interference, the end user may enter at any access point for which they are authorized, without ever touching the small lightweight PAK. Users can effortlessly gain access and need not open car windows, wave tags, remember and enter secret codes, place RFID tags or stickers on their car windows or carry multiple access devices.

NFMI’s access control system is priced competitively with existing products. It easily connects to existing access control networks, power feeds and control panels using industry standard protocols. With our automated reports, you can rapidly understand peak traffic flow, capacity utilization and service quality.

Parking Access

Near Field Magnetics’ parking access control system offers cost savings beneits to parking garage owners. Our system interfaces with most existing control panels and hooks into most existing reader loops where available. Our cash-free system reduces operational staff with direct billing and offers a variety of marketing opportunities such as weekly, monthly or yearly parking packages.

Gated Community Access

Near Field Magnetics’ gated community access control system offers a hands-free system that will eliminate the homeowners’ need to open and close car windows, swipe cards, place stickers on their cars, or punch numbers into unsanitary keypads. Our low cost Personal Access Keys (PAK) are small enough to be kept on a key chain and are not affected by metal or other common sources of interference.

Building & Facility Access

Near Field Magnetics’ facility access control system will provide safe, secure and easy hands-free access to buildings with the same Personal Access Key (PAK) used to enter the facility’s secure parking area. This hands-free access will provide for safe, effortless entry to buildings.



Near Field Magnetics’ patented facility access control system uses low frequency magnetic fields to communicate in RF hostile environments. Our communication is encrypted thereby eliminating a major security issue with current systems. Our system works up to 15 feet in range and the range is adjustable allowing a single Personal Access Key (PAK) to be used for both parking and building entrances.